My Instant Pot

I love kitchen gadgets.  It’s unhealthy really.  But there is something just oh so satisfying about having the perfect contraption in which to make an interesting meal.  And if it comes with bluetooth, that’s all the better!  So now that I’ll be home from traveling for a few months and it will be too hot to cook inside soon, I’m going to start giving my Instant Pot (affiliate link) a workout.

Today I’m making our take on beef adovada.  Yesterday I made the red chili sauce and right now I’ve got Mexican pinto beans cooking.  I always try to test a recipe as is written for my first go around, but the IP Cooking Time Schedule is so lacking information I’m a bit concerned.  So for the sake of record keeping, here’s what I did:

Soaked 1 cup of beans overnight.  Really, I started soaking them at like 2pm the day before.  At 10:00am this morning I drained them, put them into the IP with 4 cups of water, a couple of smashed garlic, a quarter of an onion (whole) and a couple generous pinches of salt.  I set the IP to “beans” and 25 minutes.  The buzzer just went off so I used my phone to turn off the warming function for a natural release (it’s bluetooth so I don’t even have to get up from my computer to cook now … man I love technology).

The result?

Meh.  I took the lid off after 15 minutes of “natural release” and about a minute of forced release. The beans were still boiling!  Needless to say, they were a little mushy for my taste.  Next time, quick release and call it a day.  Now I’m off to brown my stew meat for adovada!

Well that was short lived.  Trying to brown my stew on the saute function, the pan never really got hot enough to sear the meat.  Just grey it a little.  I was getting ready to deglaze the pan when the machine turned off and won’t turn back on now.  Sigh.  This was going to be my day o’ pressure cooking.  Now it looks like it’s going to be my day of emailing Instant Pot support 😦

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