Questions about Covid-19

Ok so I don’t post here ever but every day I spend countless hours on reddit and news sites reading about #covid-19. I am self-isolating because I can and my husband is working from home. Still I am concerned about the world and there are questions that run through my head that I’m not finding answers to.

What are the temperatures at which coronavirus can survive? If I put an item in my refrigerator that has the virus on the surface of it (I don’t know because someone coughed on it in the grocery store) how long can that virus survive? How about the freezer? How about in the pantry? Does the virus go dormant at any point?

What about water? If you take a bath with the virus on your skin, is your bathtub and water in it now contagious, and now instead of just being on, for instance, your elbow,  it’s all over you now?

I haven’t read anything about consuming the virus. Like, if it’s your food somehow and you eat it. Is the disease transmissible this way or will your stomach acid take care of it?

Do ultraviolet rays really kill the virus? Does that mean the sun kills it? If so, how long does it take for the sun to ‘sanitize’?

Is there an anti-body serum test to find out if you maybe had it and didn’t realize it?

I wonder if smart watches are picking up any data on infectious people who aren’t showing symptoms yet that could possibly be an indicator that you’re contagious. Like, a spike in average heart rate or something.

Is it possible that the more viruses (virii?) you are exposed to, the worse your disease will be? Like, doctors and nurses who are exposed to infectious patients by the hundreds rather than someone who briefly touched there eye with a ‘dirty’ finger.

I’ll be adding to this as questions come up. Maybe one of the Reddit Q&As will address them one day.

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