Why can’t I find healthy heavy cream?

I like to make my own sour cream, cultured butters, clotted creams, yogurts. I usually need cream that hasn’t been ultra-pastuerized for these projects. In New Mexico I can get my hands on Kalona brand pretty easily. Organic, grass fed, small farms … it checks the boxes. But here in Florida I can’t get the stores to stock it. They only stock Dakin Dairy brand in the regularly pasteurized arena. It isn’t certified organic but is grass fed. And local. The milk works great for yogurt, but the heavy cream contains guar gum, carrageenan, and locust bean gum. These are all thickening agents that brands use to make their creams look thicker than they really are. I’ve tried to contact Dakin Dairy for over a year to see if I can get my hands on heavy cream without all of the additives, but no one answers the phone and in email they said their product doesn’t have any of those additives. I don’t know why their label says it does.

Dakin Dairy Heavy Cream Ingredient Label
Dakin Dairy Heavy Cream Ingredient Label

Why it’s so difficult to find healthy food products here in the south do you think? I guess I’ll keep plugging away!

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