Rattlesnake at the front door

20228566_10154597025595614_2508479976721094213_nSo we discovered this guy curled up behind the planter at our front door.

Our front door.

The city came and got him but now I’m very upset at the serpent trespass and want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  I did a little google searching and there doesn’t seem to be a foolproof way to get rid of snakes in the yard.  I mean there are snake repellent products that you sprinkle on the ground that smell funny and supposedly keep the snakes away but the reviews are mixed at best.  I’m not going to install a snake fence.  I will be cutting down the big grassy plants that they like to hide under, but I can’t take out all of our landscaping.  Our house backs the foothills of the Sandia mountains so snakes are always going to be there.  I just want to keep them there and out of my back yard.

I’m considering a snake trap but I’m afraid I’ll just catch the lizards (which the snakes are probably coming here to eat anyway).

Do you think bird spikes placed behind planters and bushes might deter them from curling up in nooks and crannies?  Have you successfully stopped snakes, specifically rattlesnakes, from sharing your living space?  If so, please share!  I’m desperate to keep my 10 pounds of fluff safe from a snake attack.

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