Meal Kit Delivery – Plated

Plated:  $30 off first delivery thanks to a Google ad.  No way to sign up through Facebook and their form auto fill didn’t accept all fields.  UI was not as friendly or inviting.  Delivery day options:  Wednesday or Friday only.  I chose Wednesday.  Option for 3 servings (not just 2 or 4) and 2 to 7 meals a week.  I’m not sure if raw food should keep in the fridge for 7 days but these are great options.  I chose 3 servings, 4 meals, $119.40 ($9.95 each).

Taste profile… I likey.  Lots of ethnic dishes that I had never heard of.  Made me excited to try it out.  15 recipes to choose from.  It charged me immediately upon ordering.  It didn’t matter that I was not going to receive my first shipment for possibly weeks.  It automatically chose Coconut Quinoa Bowl, Curried Lamb Tacos, Korean Turkey Burgers and Taco Salad but there were 16 recipes in all!  I was able to swap so my final four came down to


It also gave me desert options for Nutella Mouse Pie or Blackberry Jam Crumb Cake. Meh.

I swapped around and ended up choosing Korean Turkey Burgers, Crunchy Chicken Milanese, Blacked Salmon Sandwiches and Curried Lamb Tacos.  As I browsed the other weeks I see a lot of these meals repeated so you have plenty of opportunity to try them all.  You are able to modify your box up to 7 days in advance.  I guess these places have a lot of prep work because that seems to be pretty standard.

Alas, Plated doesn’t seem to do wine pairings.

Refer a friend program is similar to Blue Apron’s.  You earn invites with paid boxes.  Their Send A Free Box says “You’re just a few Plated dinners away from unlocking free boxes to send to friends! Check back here soon.”

Home Chef:  Hayley sent me a coupon for $30 off.  Free delivery with $45 order.  That will be my next home food delivery.  Other options:

  • PeachDish
  • Terra’s Kitchen
  • Chef’D
  • Purple Carrot
  • Green Chef
  • Takeout Kit
  • Green Chef?  Marissa has code …
  • Sun Chef

I find that I like an early week delivery since work nights are where I struggle the most.   It’s a shame Tuesday isn’t an option for most of them.  I’d also like a way to easily share these menu options with my husband and daughter so they can choose what they want as well.  Maybe a family login option.

Monday morning before my scheduled delivery I got an email about this weeks box.  Love that idea.  I was able to forward it to my family so we could make plans.  I searched my inbox to see if Blue Apron or Hello Fresh did the same thing.  Blue Apron did.  They sent an email a week prior with ‘next week’s’ menu with the subject line ‘Last chance to choose next week’s meals’ as well as a ‘Your delivery is on its way’ email.  Hello Fresh sent an email saying the box was on the way but it didn’t include the recipes.

9/20/17 Cancelled subscription

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